Set in the year 1997, David Scott Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) thought being an armored car driver would be a dream come true. He discovers that it’s pretty boring stuff, and he often fantasizes about getting robbed. Everything changes when he meets Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig), a new employee at his bank, Loomis Fargo.
Filled with absolute hilarity this film is a fun time. Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wig convey an honest romance amidst this absolute slapstick adventure of a movie. 

Owen Wilson who usually plays loveable rouges or good guys is a baddie in this and it’s hilarious. 😂 Jason Sudekis  is equally if not more frenetic and the silly jokes keep coming all the way to the climax.

An argument can be made that the  brilliant comedic cast was wasted on a mediocre script.  The film is a fun time but with a better script could have been even better even if based loosely on true events.

The film has a theme of integrity running through it, Zach’ character, is a genuinely good person, full of integrity and his straight and narrowness influences Kristen Wigs character and ultimately his saving grace.

Overall a fun movie, with quick wit and hilarious slapstick. Not for everyone but great in it own right.



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