Jason Bourne

Matt Damon returns in an organic follow up to the sensational trilogy.

First off I think it’s important to state that if you go in to this wanting this to be a Bond movie you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

What do I mean by that?  A good number of  explosions💥,  lots of action set pieces and naked /semi-naked women and a compulsory sex scene- these are not present in Matt Damon’ return.

This film is a slow burning suspenseful action spy thriller with enough within its story to keep you guessing and enough action and suspense to keep you pumped.

The slow burn adds to the climatic thrid of the film where the well organised pacing pays off. This is in many ways identical in pacing to the spy thriller genre  paradigm found in most novels📚.  I was impressed at how well the paradigm made the jump from book to screen adaption because some tropes don’t wotk out so well in film adaptation so this was a great success which keeps the film layered, the characters intelligently motivated and the intricate plot unwinding at a healthy speed.

Jason Bourne is a fleshed out established character and is given more history for us to learn and as we go on the journey with him to learn more, it is never forceful or disingenuous but grounded in realism and earned.

They have a lot to do but Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones are stand outs in this. Dastardly and believable, Tommy Lee Jones is especially brilliant even if he plays an absolute barstard in the movie #notaspoiler 😂 

Julia Stiles is great and works well with Matt Damon. Vincent Castle is a killing machine but when the throw down happens, he comes across as inferior but perhaps that’s the point. Riz Ahmed is also great and does well to put you in his shoes you empathize with him throughout. 

The soundtrack is subtle and subdued and never really heightens the spectacle the way say a Bond soundtrack does where it’s almost an accompanying character in and of it self. That being said, it’s subtleness is welcome in many stretches of the film because it never draws focus from the scenes, inadvertently accentuating their realism.

Jason Bourne, overall,  is a welcome addition to the Bourne mythology,  an organic continuation of events, clever and believeable  within its fictional universe, rooted in real world problems and realities to enhance it’s relatability. The commentary of social media being used as another avenue for intelligence agencies to exploit for their uses and supposedly for our safety is a very current theme in our fast paced information age. Spectre, the latest bond film, talks about exactly that just from a different angle and makes this film all the more welcome into the conversation about how much freedom we surrender in the name of security. 

All in all this is a well paced intelligent action thriller, with a great cast and current themes.



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