Justice League Dark


When the new 52 generation of comics happened after Flashpoint  ie when DC comics kept their best selling 52 comic book lines and scrapped the rest using their comic book character The Flash in an all-encompassing story line as a fantastic reset, the stage was set to start again without the baggage of incredibly convoluted comic book narratives interweaving like spider webs. The idea behind the reboot was brought about not only to clear house but with the intention of winning a fresh audience and a wider  demographic-more readers equals more money.

The new 52 did incredibly well and DC took the opportunity to introduce new interpretations of old characters and introduce new ones along with new teams. Of those teams Justice League Dark was one. The new 52 absorbed characters such as Constantine from their other comic label in an attempt to win over their cult following in the process. While quite a few diehard followers didn’t take to the change many loved it nonetheless and DC responded by rewarding Constantine with his very own team. Justice League Dark is a very engaging comic book that allows for even more commentary on the human condition,  morality and the good old debate about good, evil and the sea of grey inbetween. 

The new 52′ Justice League animations are arguably better than the comic books they’re based off which is a rare feat they seem to be able to repeat consistently.  Justice League Dark is no different.


The Justice League Dark film puts Constantine front and centre with Matt Ryan from the short lived live action series reprising his role as the loveable conman sorcerer. 

The Batman features in this movie but never highjacks the feature, he accentuates it by being a foil to the mystic goings on.

All members of the team bring something to the table, with interesting back story and believable camaraderie and chemistry which can sometimes be hard to convey in an animation but the script and the voice actors were more than up to the task. 

The fight scenes are still exceptionally well written and illustrated without being tedious and repetitive,  they’re surprising, creative and adventurous.

The script holds the same quality, tight, funny, and full of idiosyncrasies that flesh out the characters and give them motivations.

The main theme in the narrative is all about control; Zatana, controlling her power and her feelings for Constantine,  Constantine’ friend losing control,  Jason Blood and his constant battle for control of Etrigan and Batman of course,  the cynic, the scientist, out of his element  -because magic. Even the Justice League lose control and it makes for great action rooted in a solid plot.Watching this unravel in a good story is very thought provoking and entertaining all at once.

If this is a template for the Justice League Dark movie we have much to look forward to!



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