I made the mistake of watching this film alone. No, it wasn’t a horror(horror movies and I fell out years ago!) it was a charming romance with equally charming leads.

Passangers is a pretty film with a delicate soundtrack that Thomas Newman has composed. A fan of the soundtracks he composed for Skyfall and Spectre I was treated to another in this feature. Some composition bring to mind Disney’s Wall-E. 

In this film were treated to Thomas Newman’s composition again heightening the peril or creating a romantic atmosphere,  always accentuating the drama that is going on (which there is plenty of).

Jennifer Lawrence has become a tad bit unlikable by some, perhaps because of her ever increasing role in the X-men cinematic universe ( which no one asked for) or perhaps it’s her idiosyncrasies that have gone from likable to loathsome #thatcanhappen. Whatever the case may be,  Passengers is a great addition to her filmology.  I went into this movie cold, pretending I didn’t know who she was and she came across as someone else. Mission accomplished. 

As the drama increases so do the performances. Pratt is heartbreaking and believable and engages with Laurence believably, their chemistry is clearly tangible.

The film has some interesting features but is ultimately predictable even if everything else in the film tries hard to convince you it isn’t a more polished rehash of a dependable trope. That being said, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. 

A great film for couples, which I wish I discovered sooner (the feels are real 😭 ) before I marched to the cinema to watch this by myself.

The film  grapples with the theme of mankind’s need for society and our place in it. Pratt’s character focuses on why man should not be alone,  Lawrence’s character on her place in society. 

These themes are great and really added depth and emotion to the film which could have been just that little bit better if they were willing to write a script that pushes the envelope a little further. Instead,  the script shifts in favour of a semi-fomulaic third act. While it was disappointing being unable to explore more about these characters, what we do get is still a great cinematic ride.

There are 3 movies in this film; a romance, an action thriller, and a sci-fi and the film almost has a hard time balancing all themes. Praise should go to the two leads who perform the juggling act of being part of all three films and making it enjoyable despite the tonal shifts that threaten to throw the film of course.

An enjoyable watch, I came to watch one film and I ended up watching all three and I liked all three even if they aren’t as strong when considered as a whole.



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