Lego Batman

I went into this film with zero expectation. That’s untrue.  I went into this film knowing it would be at least funny but for the most part a children’s movie I would not be able to sit through (says the guy who sits through most children’s movies). 

My younger brother was with me on this one as we reignited our tradition of watching the latest on-screen gems.

Here’s the surprising thing it was hilarious.  I was pleasantly surprised at how hilarious it was -like seriously… it was ‘laugh out loud’ 😂 funny and I dont use that phrase lightly-i did laugh out loud several times as did others in the audience (whom, if you were wondering were not children) 

Obvious humour aside, the story is accessible and works even though Batman/Bruce Wayne’ story has been done to death. What helps this movie greatly is the a fact this is a Lego movie first. It can afford to be as light hearted and relaxed as it is because it doesn’t have any of the pressures of the DCEU (DC Comics Extended Universe) weighing upon its shoulders. It’s free to spread it’s wings and explore. We even get some sellf depreciating satire  which gets the hardest laughs.

I was afraid the movie being a Lego movie it might  get a bit intricate and over convoluted when big set pieces are happening #Transformers but steers away from that.

Speaking of visuals the movie is intricate in a beautiful way with eye popping visuals and some scenes you genuinely want to last a bit longer.

The movie doesn’t reinvent the wheel it opts instead for frenetic wit with savage helpings of in-house jokes – there is fun here for both comic book aficionados and casual viewers. 
In short-there is something here for everyone. 



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