So here’s another film with two main leads who are charming and Talented in equal measure. 

The less said about this film the better. Why? It’s a pitch perfect (no film pun intended)  musical homage to old Hollywood. It needs to be experienced not explained. It’s an entry level musical for people who hate musicals and a modern classic for die-hard musical fans all at the same time. 

Story blends with song and visuals seamlessly to deliver an experience that cannot be explained simply through dialogue or progression of plot narrative. 

Lala Land succeeds in many parts because of its simple story, choreography,  special effects and lush photography but the two leads, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the heart and soul of this film’s success. I question whether alternative casting choices could have produced the same level of consistent brilliance throughout this film.

They both get enough time in the sun as the script gives them the material they need to explore range and wow do they explore range-you’ve never really seen them like this until you’ve watched them in this.

LALA Land can be likened to a happiness adrenaline shot, it takes you on an emotional 🚂 train ride and once the train reaches it’s destination,  you don’t want to get off.

That’s where Blu-rays come in. I’ll be pre-ordering mine. For now? I’ll be watching it on the big screen again.

Director Damien Chazzelle delivers a masterclass. I cannot wait for his next project 



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