Captain Pulsarius- Part 3

Captain Pulsarius had a ridiculously amazing idea. It was just the type of crazy idea that had landed him in trouble in the first place but this if done right had the potential to clear his name, undo wrongs, gain some neccessities and escape while also crippling the ship. It was a brilliant idea but unfortunately it was his only idea, he didn’t have a backup plan and he usually did.
Captain Pulsarin’s chain of thought was interrupted by a purple shimmer in the air in front of him. It grew bigger and bigger forming the lissome figure of a young lady in a purple jump suit. Her jumpsuit had a small ‘E’ shaped silver badge. It glinted slightly. Captain Pulsarin smiled, the teleports he was once given had finally become of use. Nova asked him if he had any plan. He did of course but she didn’t like it one bit. She attempted to protest but when the fate of the galaxy hangs on your next couple of actions you don’t choose to argue.Nova kissed him on the cheek and promised to make the plan work


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