Captain Pulsarius- Part 2

Captain Pulsarin knew that if Dr Encarta found planet Earth he would pillage it for every natural resource he could find, which ironic because according to Captain Pulsarian’ tales of Planet earth, they the inhabitant of earth known as humans, sucked oil (the life blood of the planet) to power their technology. Dr Encarta would go further, once he had extracted it an enslave the humans which again was ironic because they did a lot of that to each other. Despite the humans many flaws and their particularly disturbing lust after war, they were a good race and full of amazing potential. He had certain important ties on planet Earth and he refused to give up the secret of where it was. Pulsarius was shuddering violently, the cold was becoming unbearable and the darkness and the dull hum of the spaceships’ engine grinding through space was rendering his senses dull. Captain Pulsarin had made many poor choices in his life as a vigilante space ranger. He had also done surreal heroic deeds


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