Captain Pulsarius-Part 1

Pulsarin was incarcerated. Captured and locked up with no means of escape. He had dodged responsibility all his life now retribution had found him.
His blue high impact semi-indestrucible jumpsuit had several tears in it and was unable to draw any energy from the freezing cold pillar-like chamber. He had given Nova, his partner in arms, a list right before he got abducted.
Any normal person would contact the HMS Phoenix, the intergalactic space rangers who worked as an emergency service but Nova couldn’t because he was wanted after causing ‘The Rondium infestation’ and ‘The Huvian genocide’ It was only pure chance that decided whether Captain Pulsarin was taken by HMS Phoenix or abducted by mad scientist Dr Encarta the bounty hunter of the Hurvians.
Captain Pulsarin knew what would happen next- Dr Encarta had tried on several occasions to find out the whereabouts of planet earth and now he would be able to forcibly extract such information via a the dreaded ‘inducer’.


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