The Most Awe Inspiring Piece Of Animation Of All Time…and a poem i wrote

There are not many bits of  cartoon that can stand next to this and even then for me this seems to stand alone. Pretty awesome. It encapsulates so many emotions all at once without trying too hard. Oh and the animation is actually visually brilliant too. Enjoy. Oh The poem in the middle is a poem i wrote which kind of fits well with the theme.







You Send i


I know my person is far from what you designed it to be

So reset it, remould it and make me free

You send me into the fray to speak

Please make me strong, let me not be weak

For I am nothing without your power and grace

You bring salvation and pour on evil disgrace

I am your humble ambassador of your love

Please strengthen me holy God above

For I feel weak when I should be strong

And my voice withers when I behold wrong

Mighty father bolster me in your way

Teach me your word and what to say

Please mighty Lord be gentle for I am so feeble before thee

Open my heart to accept your spirit, my eyes so I can see

I am scared that I might step wrongly when I do as you say

So soften those I speak to; mighty, small, young and grey

Anoint me so I may be fit enough to serve you and talk

Like a child I am scared but so eager to walk

So Mighty father hold my hand so I will be confident and bold

And I will proclaim thy works and sing my testimony till I am old

copyright© by 2011 K.O.Reuben



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