A Poem Of Encouragement To Get You Marching In The Month Of March

May The Lord Of Hosts Bless you as you read, amen.


I Can’t Explain


I can’t explain

But now I refrain

Death will no longer be my end

The keeper of my soul will defend

And I can’t explain

But now I feel no pain

I was blind

But He shined

And I can’t explain

From you I gain

From He who is life

Deliverer from strife

Rescuer of my soul

From the depths of sheol

And I can’t explain

How my spirit you train

You help me grow

With the love you show

I can’t deny that you are king

True life you bring

And I stand in total awe

For you perfect my every flaw

And I always wonder how it came to be

That you stopped, smiled and came to me

I am not worthy, I am not nearly enough

But you bring me forth and make me tough

So I can stand in any dark day

Call your name and smite evil away

And I wonder why you love me so

When you called  me FIRST and I said ‘no’

There is this  fire you put in my chest

And now I want to love without rest

You are irresistible and indestructible

You make incredible and you laugh at impossible

And the evil against you does gather

But Jesus before your name they SCATTER

And I can’t explain your mercy and love

Deeper than the heavens above

For you came down and died for me

You broke those chains I could not see

And I am saved but that’s not all

To me you lovingly call

You pour on me your holy spirit divine

And I am anointed beyond dreams sublime

And look how you keep me walking

When I am so weak, feeble and keep falling

And oh my great God I thank you for this

For I make my way to your bliss

And with me I bring praise

And with me my cross I raise

My brothers and sisters follow

With hearts full of love not hollow

And I can’t explain how

But I CAN now

And it seems I was more than lost

But guess what? You went and paid that cost

And I am in shame of all the evil I’ve done in this life

But you forgive me more than a loving husband to a wife

About you I just can’t stop talking

I hold your hand and i keep walking

For there is still so much to tell of your creation

And I ignore any silly imitation

For your are the one and only

And all others are just phony

And I laugh when people talk like you are dead

You are alive and kicking and more than in my head

And it seems I need to shout a little louder

And in the congregation of you be prouder

You bless me each day

And you throw my sins away

And people wonder why I smile

Because he washed away that bile

And by your holy stripes my sinful scars do heal

And challenged by Satan, my victory with your blood you seal

And evil is rife and seems deceptively strong

But no evil can survive you who cures all wrong

And oh my God in Heaven almighty I thank you for your son

Because since I followed him every battle in my life I’ve won

And it’s not by my power, oh it’s not by my might

Your spirit  goes  before me so I don’t have to fight!

Logic and science is not enough to describe

And praise, art and music cannot ascribe

Your love and what you deserve

For my soul each moment you preserve.

My heart for you is on fire

And of my praise you will never tire

Your grace is all I need

And on your word I feed

You guide me to over evil victoriously tower

And your people, with your word empower.


Copyright © by  2011 K.O.Reuben





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