My Top 5 Chocolates: Chocolates That Are Epic

As part of th chocolate season on my blog I’m about to tell you my favorite chocolates…if I see you with one of these after and you try bribing me…it won’t work. Okay maybe it will.



As far as im concerned there is no chocolate  more manlier than this beauty over here. I’ve eaten so much i can’t eat them any more because of my teeth but not to worry I do have a plan. I intend to get my dentist to do the best work ever on my fillings so i can get some nuts someday soon! the chocolate is brilliant and the adverts are hilarious, what more could i ask for?



Freddo‘s are what i look forward to after I’ve done all the hopping, or when i need my fix of chocolate but can’t decide on what one to buy, or when i just don’t have enough money on me. It’s probably my favorite but its price hike i recent years has knocked  it off the top spot to a respectable 2nd. Yum.



Let me be honest, it’s not the most sophisticated chocolate out there but when it comes to my chocolate, i don’t want it to be sophisticated- I’m not from belgium!  Sometimes you just want a chocolate that is basic without the silly adverts, without all the special edition poppy cock, you just want the chocolate plain and simple. Chomp is just that, it just  shame they’ve hiked the price up on this legendary chocolate as well.


That's more like it!

The kit Kat used to be this anorexic chocolate that was designed to tickle one instead of offering true satisfaction. don’t know whether you disagree with that but it’s just the way i feel and i tell you there were times I was on the verge of tears trying to understand why   the twig-like kit kat didn’t cut it after I spent my last damn 40p on it! And then! they made it! The kit-kat chunky! Awesome! now i can have the taste of a kit kat, with the satisfaction of a snickers bar! That’s more like it!


Whole nut competes with Snickers where nuts are concerned. They couldn't get more nuts even if they tried.

Yum in my tum!

Yes, yes, yes, yes i know. Your eyes do not deceive you. It is of course the Cadbury whole nut. In my list it didn’t make number one because when I’m going to uni or work or out generally, people in WH Smith try forcing chocolate on me saying “It’s only one pound,” I’m like “If its only one pound why don’t you buy me one?” I’ll buy a chocolate when I want to you chocolate-pusher! What if i want something different, you didn’t give me the chance to say because your too busy shoving the whole nut bar down my throat whilst grabbing the pound coin from my hand-shame on you all you chocolate pushers out there. Any who apart from that, the chocolate itself is awesome, it has the right balance of nuts mixed with delicate taste and milk which means its suitable for women and blokes. Yay

That wraps up the top 5 chocolates. I’m seriously craving a freddo, no joke! Until the next chocolate covered article or whatever GET SOME!



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