Leave My Damn Chocolate Alone!

10p the good old days

Okay it has to be said, i like chocolate. Okay that’s an understatement-I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is one of those things that can , for me, can make or break a day at times. When i’m down give me some chocolate and i’ll perk right up! Try steal my chocolate? I’ll kill you. No i’ll actually rugby tackle you.


it's 15p now! 15p!

I remember when all the bankers were having a right royal moan about the economic climate…hold on yeah they got us into that mess any way! Then who bailed them out? Oh yeah! That’s right! The electorate. No let me correct that-the strap for cash electorate who pay enough in silly bills and taxes of every kind! and we still have to pay for stupid things like charges when we go over our overdrafts while Mr Supreme banker man gets away with milking the economy dry to a desert crisp!

17p really?

Petrol goes up!  My blooming bus fare goes up! BUT MY CHOCOLATE? YOU LEAVE THAT STUFF ALONE! For years they’ve been putting up the price of  chocalate on the sly and a good example is fredo and chomp that seems to just go up in price-what’s up with that? I mean dude! Really Something that was 10p you’ll charge and make me pay 17p? Crook! Even places like Primark are getting bold rebel against it! Pound shop-here i come!



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