The ONLY Computer In My Life: ISABELLA

I don’t think there is a word to describe how angry i get when a computer plays up. My PC as people lovingly pet name them or Barry as i named mine is dead. He just decided he wouldn’t turn on anymore. I mean, okay, you wanna die, but for goodness sake die on your own time! I have letters that my mum needs typing and she isn’t the fastest set of fingers around so i got to do it! Letters apart, i have deadlines to meet for university course work-is Barry sympathetic to my plight? NO! This is why in the olden days people just dictated and some still do.

I decided to burry Barry in the back of mind until i could replace him and went to work on my laptop. BIG MISTAKE! The damn thing decided it would fall into a coma! I tried everything i could for Barry junior (my laptop) but his eye lids were too  heavy so I was forced to use the only computers that worked-Isabella (my QWERTY ALCATEL phone) and wow can she work it! I bloggged from her, checked emails, sent emails, facebooked, tweeted and wrote notes for later publication as well as basic texts. Then she dumped me (My credit finished!) She refused to give me some love till i gave her what she needed (credit) so i replaced her with another ALCATEL phone only to realise Betty was not a QWERTY sort of chick although she knew how to surf the web way better than Isabella.

So I decided to make do with Dave a computer who is slow, buffers and asks me to download everything, whilst i blogged to the masses to express my discomfort. I usually make do with Solomon (the computers at university) because they are quick , fast and get the job done…and know how to access google books . So until I and Isabella work things out and get back together, im stuck with Dave…Can’t complain he managed this post without any hiccups.


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