Give God a ping!

Of True Love

My vision is faded into all that is mentally blind,

What I want I search and obviously do not find.

For what I seek is not what I need, in a world dying in the dust,

All I need is You father in heaven- in Your word I trust.

The heart of my soul cries even though my flesh is for a time sated,

Nothing satisfies my soul except Your love, so I give mine though belated.

So let Your holy fire burn within me so by no impurity my soul be bound,

Your love is complete, final and enough and in me let it be found.

K.O.Reuben 2011

To my heavenly father, the one who loves me most.

This valentines lets remember who loved us first.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the yearly rush and rumble that is valnetines day, the pre-rush, the actual day and the aftermath. I implore people to remember He who gives love but don’t get alot back, God. He who is love just isn’t appreciated enough given that  He invented the term, give royalties where royalties are due people. A short ‘Thank you’ , or ‘I love you’  from the heart goes a long way and His reception is amazing unlike some phone companies I know of. So go on give God a ping!

Peace out!


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