I HATE Valentine’s Day

Basically, I’m not sure whether I’m actually allowed to start a sentence off with basically but do you know what? I don’t really care! I’m cheesed off with valentine’s day and all that it stands for!

That’s for forgetting about me!

Real love is expressed every day and in the smallest of gestures and in the most intamate of ways but valentines day just feel like such an excuse to blow an atomic hole in the workers pocket while big fat cats of card shops and florists lap up the one day spending spree of madness!

Don’t get me wrong I love to love. I love to go all out with who I’m with. God knows, I’m far from perfect and have fluffed up every now an then  but I have my brilliant moments too and I don’t need a calendar telling me when and when not to love someone.  I don’t know, I think I’m more irritated by what Valentine’s day does to people rather than what it stands for. It makes people dump their long term partners for fresh ones for no good reason, encourages materialistic binges with no emotional message attached to it.  Damn! If I were hooked up with someone everyday would be valentine’s day!

You bought me all that? Damn! I didn’t get you sh#t!

And yeah, we all know real relationships (not those ones you see in the movies, those ones are lies, all lies!) is not a bed of roses but for goodness sake isn’t that more of an incentive to make each day have a little something in it telling the person you are with just how much you love them? I won’t pull your leg, love hurts, it stings but its also the best feeling ever and some punks out there with enough money to by half of Clintons’ will go out there on the 14th and just  assume he or she can buy love with some candy, flowers and a cheesy smile. Or by wearing a seductive number and do the whole candle lit shabang with cupid confetti and all that jazz.

There are those who get all depressed because they don’t have someone to share the day with on the 14th because everyone else is taken! “Whats wrong wit you fool? !” Sorry, the Mr T in me came out. But for real, you would actually get all sad and whiney just because you aint got no one? May I remind you there is such a thing as tomorow and the day after and the day after, and the day after that and hold on! Wait! What’s this I see on the calendar? Another frikin month! Dude! Dudette! Get with  it! And when I say that I don’t mean get with someone I mean you have the rest of your life ahead of you! So wake out of your mourning reverie and be happy you are alive!

Hey baby!

You are most likely relatively attractive (one man’s bread is another man’s poison and one man’s poison is another man’s chicken-we all have our prefferences!) and single so don’t worry you’ll be found by the one you are meant to be with or you’ll find them, either way don’t let one day drive you into depression…unless you have Ben an Jerry’s to console you! that stuff is good!

As far as I’m concerned valentine’s day is everyday and if you’re with someone it’s not valentine’s day its  actually ‘the name of whoever you are with’ day.  “And what if im all on my lonesome?” I hear you clamour. Well thank goodness, thank God you’re single…wanna go out sometime?  “And what if  I dont have the luxry of going out with you on the 14th?”  I hear others shout…well Thank God for your being and the air you breath…that’s His love right there.

Peace out people!


5 thoughts on “I HATE Valentine’s Day

  1. Morag says:

    Firstly, valentines day is a ripped off roman festival called Lupercalis which celebrated the singleness of life not the partnership; secondly the only people to get anything out of this so called holiday is the card and gift industry; and thirdly why should we be made to feel like lepers and outcasts if we either don’t have someone to spend this day with or we choose not to; oh and lastly what idiot named this day after a dead man who had mistresses and whores in half a dozen cities after all the reason he was killed was because of his duplicitous affairs?

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