To Be Read Twice and Again

Today I met you again and I knew not who you were, though I know who you are,

We spoke, talked and conversated about things near and afar.

And so the night is through, you are long since gone but yet, you don’t escape my mind,

I close my eyes and the sweetest loving thoughts of you I find.

My heart is punishing me that I found no way to know that you are okay,

I humbly ask, is it wrong of me to proclaim these things or even say?

I only just know your name again and know you not though I knew you once before

But I ask, can I know you again, anew, in this time, afresh, to of you know more?

I am intrigued as to how unique beauty is scorned and called what it is not at all

When sitting before you I felt your very essence my name call.

If the sun listened to what the jealous stars said the grass would not grow

So listen not to people’s useless banter about your wonder and simply glow

Today I met a poem I had read before,

I didn’t understand her, or her beautiful lore.

Thankfully, God gave me the opportunity of reading her again, His wonderful creation

And as best I can I write a rhyming poem at least, in loving appreciation.

K.O.Reuben  2010


Copyright© 2010 by K.O.Reuben


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