The Story Of Sleep: Part 4- ‘Reset’

Thunder is merely the sound of lightening which in its own right is very much an illusion an in the same breath, the lent energy from whatever canned genie you imbibed shows itself to be a mirage as you shut down like a computer with a hangover (movie refference not intended).
You would fall asleep on the bus if you could just to get some energy to walk home but you can’t because all the seats are taken so you stand up and endure people coughing in your face…and that’s how you get a cold like everyone else if you haven’t got one already.
You can’t believe your eyes when you get home and reach that rectangular thing they call a bed. You fall asleep and wake up late, seriously late infact but it’s a saturday and you have no work today unless you’re me. Your biological clock has reset itself and you’re back to normal until the next time you over stay your welcome at clubs, or watch way too much TV for one person to bear. So until then,cheerio.


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