The Story Of Sleep: Part 3- ‘Thunder In A Can’

You complete task after ungratifying task hoping to get an opportunity to do something remotely engaging but that pearl of hope doesn’nt roll your way and you must make do with drone-like tasks till your being wears down like a candle burning at both ends.
You take the necessary measures available to you to ensure you are equal to the tasks of the day despite your body groaning for a moments rest like a phone low on battery juice- the energy drink. Where there is a will (even a tired one) there is a way (a canned one) but it will cost you about 50p!
Like a scene from popeye gulping down a can of spinach or super mario getting that growth mushroom you are immedietly invigorated and electrified and woe betide any slow coach who gets in your way. UH OH!
You begin to multitask like an iphone on crack but your body is far from covinced-beware…


One thought on “The Story Of Sleep: Part 3- ‘Thunder In A Can’

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