The Story Of Sleep : Part 2- ‘Embarrassing’

Being something of a human compass I take solace in knowing i’ll find my way to uni eventually. At least i didn’t get on a direct train to heathrow airport and leave my incensed girlfriend waiting at a train station for two hours…that actually happened. Didn’t go down a treat at all.
Then of course what happens is an under performance throughout the day. Your boss begins to have a right royal moan at you, or if you’re typing you crash and the keyboard becomes thy pillow, if you do sports or gym you come to find you are simply below par, or if you are me, you drool on yourself during a lecture as the girls in in the row behind wake you up with their shreiks of laughter. And yes, that also actually happened to me.
By the afternoon, which supprises you because you decieved yourself into thinking otherwise, the day is demanding of you and inside you yawn, the day is only just beginning, oh dear… TO BE CONTINUED.


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