The Story Of Sleep: Part 1- ‘The Race’

And so it was that another day passed and went and began to yawn and crave to see the other side of the world and i still had not found my way to bed.
I didn’t get to bed till about 2am. When i think about it im relatively impressed. I ussually go to bed much later.
This starvation of sleep means that when i do get up for lectures which start at 9 and 10 the race is on!
The funny thing is so many other people look like zombies, haven’t bothered to cream, wash even, comb their hair, button their stained shirt properly, or realise that their phone however flat it may seem in their sweaty palm it is not an oyster card.
The 9 o clock rush is a mean one: people get tackled like wrestleand are bested to seats on the smelly train, people follow one another thinking they know when the train they need is arriving and then get on the wrong train which is exactly what i’ve done… TO BE CONTINUED


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