The spell of love binding III:Comulus and the Goblin


The city was under threat by several monsters mean and bad,

And no one could fight them the way Onoculus had.

Many brave men died trying to slay these abominations amongst men,

But no man dared slay the ogre that lived in the den.

It was ferocious and unfriendly, it killed purely for fun,

An Elonork the ogre ate them when he was done.

Once again the people looked to Bard to save the before they all die,

Bard was reluctant but promised he would try.

He searched for the son of Onoculus the bold,

The famous hero in gold.

Bard found the boy, living sad and alone

He knew of all the courage his father had shown.

It was a burden he wished he was rid of and done away with for good

No one could slay the ogre and they ran from him as fast as they could.

Bard was decided, he would train the boy to fight

Mould him into a just man that does what is right.

Comulus the hero’s son was far from convinced that he would succeed,

There were just too many beasts and they all did breed.

He was convinced he would die with nothing but a sword and shield to his aid

But Bard told Comulus not to worry, a secret keeper to tell all they would persuade

They travelled a while by foot, then by horse and then by sea

And climbed to the top of a mountain where the man lived happily.

Bard asked the old man to tell him where to find the things he will need to defeat this deadly foe,

The old man said “The answer is in an elixir of great strength and that is so,”

Bard asked where he could find it before the beasts destroyed the city and all

And the old man directed them to the Hero’s Hall.

Every hero that had reached Heroes Hall never left alive

And neither did the elixir which could help one survive.

It was said to restore strength, give more and guide one to more treasures of its kind,

But if you tried you were sure to go blind.

This was a risk they were willing to take, they had to get the elixir for sure,

Or the beasts would get into the city, eat the innocent and devour the poor.

They set off to Hero’s Hall and got there the following night,

It was rather a bad time to show up because they were deprived of light.

They fumbled around till they found the building and walked up its steps and into the Hall.

They saw bones of men scattered and that was not all.

There were blood stains everywhere and smell of burning flesh was in the air.

Comulus was scared and on his head, stood straight every hair.

Bard looked straight ahead towards a swirling purple light,

Coming from a golden goblet upon a plinth just in sight.

Comulus walked towards it cautiously, sword held in hand

If anything came out at him with it he would not be bland.

However as he bore closer to it the entrance closed shut tight

Bard knew straight away that something was not right.

Bard ordered him to drink up so they may find their way about

But the goblet would not lift, from the plinth it would not come out.

Doors opened but not the entrance as they had hoped against hope

Something stepped into the confined darkness with them and Comulus tied to the goblet a rope.

He pulled and pulled but all to no avail

They had come all this way only to fail.

Bard was not defeated though, he tried something new,

He twisted the goblet and the liquid turned a different hue.

In the glow that it supplied the thing stepped nearer to them.

Bard knew it would attack, he did not know what or when.

Once the goblet was removed Comulus drank the drink every last drop.

It was sour and nasty, lumpy and not sweet and he was happy to stop.

When he put the goblet down the plinth gave light

And Bard and Comulus were disturbed by the gruesome thing they did sight.

A large goblin with thick hands grasped Bard by the neck and made to rip off his head,

Comulus chopped off its hand, releasing Bard as its left over stump of a wrist bled.

The venomous blood unfortunately melted part of his sword

So Comulus lobbed off its head and the goblin’s did he hoard.

The goblet was taken with them as a trophy for show

And every dark night it gave an immense glow.

Bard and Comulus’ journey was far from complete,

They had to get back to the city and the terrible ogre defeat.

In a sparing moment, Comulus rose to his duty of hero and saved Bard from the monstrous goblin,

This trial was one of many-all must they win.

K.O.Reuben (2008)


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