The Spell Of Love Binding

There was once a city that of sleep was it deprived

Red eyes and bags did everyone derive.

Heroes and wise men were called in to save the day

But they found no solution to the problem, no way.

A witch had laid a curse on the city, robbing them of


Paying every citizen what they justly should reap.

For the people were mean to one another, cruel an unkind,

Dark an horrible –no love in them could she find.

A bard in love one day composed a song for his love,

Ran to the city’s centre and sang it on a hill above.

Every citizen heard it, was inspired an changed their ways,

The bard was met by his love an there they spent all their days.

The witches spell was finally and forever broken

By the bard’s ultimate love token.

K.O.Reuben (2007)


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