The Mobile Age And Growth Of The 5th Estate


The Mobile Age And Growth Of The 5th Estate

Writing this from my ALCATEL OT 255, a phone with no camera, no bluetooth and no respectable storage space, or option for memory card, you’d question what really defines my phone as a phone. It makes and recieves calls and therefore it is.
In the past a phone like this or any other phone that fails to have an uncanny resemblance to a hand held super computer with an overgrown family of apps on it would be considered good for only one thing-making phone calls. Nowadays if your phone can’t back flip whilst cooking you a fry up and doing your essay and hand it in online whilst telling you the proper phonetical pronounciation of the word ‘tomato’, you’d consider it an utter crap phone.
Cue the entrance of the internet’s love child with journalism-the blogospehere. The versatility of the internet means minor phones (like mine) can enjoy the same power as an iphone or blackberry. Sweet. This proves that in the blogospere is for everyone and staying that way too.


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