The Green Hornet

There are not many who will know The Green Hornet the way they know DC Comic legend, The Batman, or Batman to those of us who don’t feel we must use ‘the’ to make a title soun epic.
Funny enough, The Green Hornet duo starred along side The Batman an Robin in the old series.
I refused to watch any meorabillia incase i became biased an perhaps expected more from the movie the way Harry Potter fans did.
Well I wasn’t dissapointed. The movie was pure action, lots of cool cars, kung fu fighting but not the obvious stuff we’ve become accustomed to. There were scenes where i actually howled out in pain even though it wasn’t real.

And of course there were so many hilarious quips and banter, it will leave you reciting funny catch phrases from the film. This take nothing from the film which stands alone because its so unique and subverts the super hero cliche. 5/5 I bought a green coat today, does that make me The Green Hornet?


Kingsley RLJ Blog 😀


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