That Little Thing They Call Punctuality


When a shop says ‘we open at 9’ i expect nothingless but yet again for the umpteenth time not a single barber shop was open.
It’s not the first time i’ve had to do without a clean shave because some lazy shop owner couln’t drag himself out of bed!
Imagine the ten o clock news coming on ten minutes late for no plausible reason except that one of the correspondants had dozed off in the studio! Im sure there would be complaints!
Imagine McDonald’s opening at 6am instead of 5! Bette still a bus driver refusing to start his shift on time solely because of sleep! You’d flip your lid!
The barber finally opened and then he told me none of his ‘actual barbers’ were around so i had to go to the one across the road.
I finally got a decent haircut after two years of this guy snipping with scissors. Punctuality makes the world go round…shame i’m late for lecture.


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