If I Could Not You Would

My mind may be of a slow speed but the concept of your existence makes my mind race,

It puzzles over mosaic pieces of your attributes at the quickest pace.


I may not be able to see you but it is you in my dreams I envision

For between you and true beauty there is no clear division.


My nose does fail me but not when you are near

Your scent dissipates every stench and makes breathing clear.


I may be dumb but you still steal away my words and weave them into things I can’t express,

Though surely dumb as I am, I stand speechless I confess.


My ears may not hear the sound of your voice but you hear the sound of my heart,

You whisper for my ears only and speak to me with graciousness and an art.


My legs are all but spent but you run to me through fields of fire,

My heart you strengthen and my weak legs you inspire.


My arms have lost their zeal but you my love have a heart that for me can feel

And with a warm embrace your love you seal.


K.O.Reuben (2010)


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