Going Bananas!

Okay for those of you who take public transport, I’m sorry about yesterday…not that it was my fault. I just sympathise with those people who tried against all odds to get into work and whatever and found that bus drivers were playing tetris and snake on their mobiles becasue the traffic was so thick there was no point moving!
I had to be at a meeting at work for 10 am and guess what happened to me? I was late. Yeah that speaks volumes in itself! The tube decided it would be partially if not completely useless to me and not bother to run and there was absolutely no point me toppping up my oyster in a rush because the buses lucrched a couple of millimetres along before another stall in the traffic!
busses pulled up along side lorry drivers and their drivers played rock-paper-scissors, whilst waiting for  a huge chunk of road to open up and part the waves of cars like the parting of the red sea!  We all wished for a miracle in earnest yesterday but it never came.
I found myself dozing off on the busses at regular intervals and actually waking up at the same destination having not moved. It’s wierd, the things people get up to when bored:screw facing other people till they burst into tears, listening to ther people conversations (and at times offering advice where its not asked for), seeing how many times you can irritate the person next to you by making childish baby sounds, pretending to read and hitting people as you turn your news paper, eating like a troll-talking whilst eating, belching, licking your fingers and genuinly doing all the stuff your mum said you never should do whilst eating in public (that includes farting).
Others simply indulge themselves by making new acquaintences and telling awful jokes then laughing at them immedietly afterwards-no, you’re not funny mate! Other people seemed to have taken up the irritating habbit, which i must admit i do too much myself, of reading other people’s books on the bus or train. I find myself frowning at the owner of the paper if he or she turns the page and i haven’t finished reading yet. It’s like- “Hey! I was reading that!”. Other people are actually more considerate and wait till your done, pretending to read the page again until you’ve read it, then turn over. It’s nice to know during a strike we can find it in our hearts to share a paper even if the gov. cant find it in theirs to share some care for the brave workers of TFL!


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