ATHENS- is it available?

I'm seriously.

Contrary to  popular belief you can get a hard copy of my book. Yes, I dont mean irritating e-books that you have to get a kindle for…although i do like e-books but hey.

Athens is available only online. That does not mean you will never get to obtain one in physical form. It just means you’ll have to order it online because they won’t have any physical books in store stocked up waiting to be touched by your lovely hands. That will happen one day but until then you have to click on  the links below and you’ll find my book is in all these shops (WHsmith and Waterstones being the first words you utter).

The Xlibris site isn’t so user friendly…i’m just saying, but if you’re american (in america by the way) then that site will work fine but for the sanity of shoppers who hate running around in circles i haven’t put it up as a recomended site.

I’m not sure if i’ve said this before but i’ll say it again just in case-to have a read of the book go to google books, type in K.O.Reuben and Bob is your uncle (or aunt depending).

Oh sorry, e-book lovers i almost forgot you guys. You can get a kindle version of my book is available in e-book form.

Waterstones online

Blackwell online

Amazon online

W H Smith Online

Barnes and Noble online

low cost book store-ERUDITOR.COM


Happy buying, or reading, or browsing -whatever one you decide to do. Athens II coming soon. Yayness!


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