Problem solved!!!!


Hey guys and girls,

I heard through the grapevine that there have been problems when trying buy my book via the xlibris website so because I love you lot so much (and because I want to sell some books) I had a right royal complain about the site and the following email was sent to me.  If it doesn’t help, let me know !

Dear Kingsley Reuben Olaleye,

 Good day!

Glad to know that your book is getting a good response from the readers.

We understand that your international readers are having problems placing an order online, apparently the Xlibris website is designed that way, UK based books are only available for UK markets since the book was published in UK.  But if other markets would like to purchase the book, they have other ways to purchase it instead. I understand that some doesn’t want to call but they can email us or fax us for their orders.  Here are the ways how they can order your book: they may order the book directly from Xlibris, through popular online book sellers, or at the ordering desk of your local bookstore.

To order from Xlibris:

·         For United States and Canada based customers call : 1-888-795-4274

·         For  Australia based customers call : 1-800-618-969

·         For New Zealand based customers call : 0800-891-366

·     For United  Kingdom based customers call : 0800-644-6988

·         Fax: 44-203-006-8880

·         E-mail:

·         Web: Xlibris Online Bookstore

·         By mail, please send your order, along with a check or payment information to:

Attn: Book Orders
Xlibris Corporation
Victory Way, Admirals Park
Crossways, Dartford
DA2 6QD, United Kingdom 


(Please note that for orders sent by mail, Xlibris has a processing turnaround time of 5 business days before order placement.)

They can use their Credit Card, Check, Money Order and Wire transfer as mode of payment. Paypal is not an option in placing orders for now.   But to set their expectations correctly, we are still going to quote them in British Pounds and the shipping is UPS International Shipping Rates.

Let me just inform you that Xlibris uses print-on-demand technology to produce our books, which means that we print books as they are ordered. As such, we cannot cancel orders, accept returns, or issue refunds once the printing process has started. Printing starts as soon as payment is cleared. Printing takes 10-15 business days and shipping takes 3-5 business days for paperback and hardback copies.

To order at a traditional bricks-and-mortar bookstore, visit the customer service desk. Our books are always available.

We can see here that you have Channel Availability marketing service where your book gets to be displayed and ordered from the following web sites:,, But it takes 60-90 days for them to upload your book on their websites. So as of now, the book is still being uploaded on their websites since the book just got live last month.

For more inquiries please feel free to call our Customer Support at 1-888-795-4274. We are open 24/7 and we are more than happy to assist you.


2 thoughts on “Problem solved!!!!

  1. Fara Jabarkhil says:

    Over 45 minutes on an international call with a woman who can’t spell your name after 8 tries, and all to get a copy of the book…Kingsley, I’m too bloody nice to you (but you do deserve it…)

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