About the author…

Kingsley Olaleye (‘Olaleye’ meaning in Yoruba ‘graceful wealth’) Reuben was born in the great borough of Hackney, London, England in 1988. Kingsley took interest in writing whilst in primary school when he, for once actually did his English homework and wrote a poem. He wrote his first book at the spotty age of 13. It took him 9 months . . . who said men know nothing about carrying a baby? Kingsley fell in love with writing and obtained the nickname ‘The Bard’ before he dabbled in speech writing, debating, met deadlines for Journalistic news stories for student papers and locals and published some poetry. Kingsley went on to write several books and plays and soppy love poems for couples at school by popular demand. One of his plays ‘Being Human’, was staged in the studio theatre of the Hackney Empire. Kingsley has a younger brother and sister and two parents whose gene pool was the best thing that ever happened to him. Kingsley is currently in his third year of university studying Journalism and creative writing at Roehampton University.


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