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God’s best friend as a teenager…


I wonder what it must have been like to be the best friend of Jesus as a teenager? All sorts of crazy or plain boring? Isaiah says

2 For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground. He hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.

So just plain ordinary then? Not even handsome? No awesome long loreal looking swissy hair? My latest book is a fictional look at the life and times of Jesus (the soon to be revealed christ in his teens with spot and stuff) That’s got to be funny. But Jesus was 100% God too so surely that must make for some awesomeness too? Read on Watt pad and Jukepop Serials.


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Tridents -QUESTIONS UPON QUESTIONS as series 2 ends

beginingsarmada and the fire

Series 2 has come to an end and there are many QUESTIONS that have been left unanswered, like ;


Just how did Armada become the most powerful super hero on the face of the earth?


Why Are The Martians invading?


Will the 500 year war start in a new way in this timeline if Sebastian’s agents fail?

What will The Fire do if the Martians defeat the human race?

the fire

Why hasn’t Ares started to kick butt already?

How does this even involve Ares?



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Let the adventure begin here!


armada and the fire






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All Sprout and No Bull

Trina Holmes

I hate meat. That’s my full admission and there truly is nothing more to it. I’m not an animal-loving, religion-preaching, peace-marching hippy that screams in meat eater’s faces in the local Burger King much to people’s surprise. The misconception of a vegetarian is laughable; we really don’t care if you consume half a cow in front of us or not.

I have to put a few things straight before I’m force fed a fish finger and forget what I feel right now. Meat-eaters think we all care so much about animals; we probably sit at home talking to our Noah’s Ark worth of pets whilst feeding them our very own cuisine of freshly cooked dust. However, the truth is some of us don’t. I’ve never been an animal lover. In fact, I thought that the juicy Quarter Pounder and cheese meal at Mcdonalds was created by the hands of God…

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Tridents : chapter 7 promo

Chapter 7 of Tridents

‘The Fire’








…Agent Haye and agent China beckoned agent Sara along. Agent Sara was shocked, the tablet she held was recording readings that were implicating danger. They needed to step away from the meteor that had fallen because its integrity was unstable.”Guys we need to beat it! There are more on their way!” Agent Sara yelled. Agent Mara had gone ahead of agent China and Agent Haye who were holding metal detector looking instruments collecting readings.  Agent Mara used a pick axe instrument to hack the rock which exploded engulfing agent Mara completely in a fireball…



Read Tridents on Wattpad

Read Tridents on Wattpad

The more reads the more fan base the comic book will have when we set out to make one with our team so please read and spread the word. IF YOU WANT A CHARACTER IN Tridents LET ME KNOW ON

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the greater good

Set almost a hundred years before “The Sorcerer’s Stone”, it is the end of a friendship, the beginnings of the dark wizard Grindelwald, and the tragedy that left the Dumbledore family in ruins.





Written and Directed by Justin Zagri

Starring Josh Brodis, Christopher James Cramer, Colin Goodridge, and Kari Swanson.

Visual Effects by Jake Akuna and Amy Carpenter

Music Composers Alexander Arntzen and Juan Carlos Enriquez

Sound mixing by Jordan King

Camera Operators – Zero Kazama and Peter Donaghy

Makeup by Patty Carrillo

Additional Effects by Mike Schaffnit

Special Thanks Leetal Platt

All materials and characters of Harry Potter are owned by JK Rowling and Warner Bros Studios. This is a non-profit, exhibition only fan film.







 An interview with the whole cast features in my NewsBlaze column


Robin Hood:BLOOD AND ARROWS -series 1 coming soon in print and ebook format


British classic collide in the first series of Robin Hood:BLOOD AND ARROWS! The first series will get its own PDF and e-book format via smashwords and work on a hard back is in progress. Until then see what everyone is talking about…

View series trailer below…

The Wattys 2013wattpad-review

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What Would you do if you had 10 DAYS left to live?

I thought I’d spoil everyone but painting this story with a new press release. Enjoy!
10 days
Live each day as if it were you’re last never had more meaning than on the 11th day before he expired. He had 10 days to live and only God knew how he was going to spend them. Reuben personally didn’t have a clue, he was too busy dying inside, wondering how this had happened to him.Speaking of God, now would have been a perfect time for a miracle but not everyone got those did they? If you had 10 days left to live, HOW would you spend them? WHO would you spend them with? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Reuben is about to find out…

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A Dystopian Tragedy:My latest Short Story

How's Ophelia

My latest short story is called ‘How’s Ophelia?’ Inspired by the Ophelia from the epic play Hamlet my favourite Shakespeare play. I have been accused of being a tad bit ‘too jolly’, my stories all seem to have happy endings. I think a lot of people are of the opinion that art should mirror life and life is NOT always happy endings.I agree, we live in a dark world that has light piercing through it, offering hope rather than living in a world of light with occasional dark spells of gloom. I get that. I’m just good at laughing so people assume i believe otherwise.

Contrary to popular belief, my art is actually  balanced in its portrayal of life but i seem to keep the darker stuff for myself to indulge upon and reflect. Well no more! As a Christmas present to my followers on Wattpad and WordPress (and anywhere else) i offer to you my latest short story,

Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live. But can Hamlet tell the difference when the world he knew has come to an end? Ophelia prays he does for his sake, for her sake, for their world’s sake.

How's Ophelia



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TRIDENTs: Great British Super Heroes

TRIDENTs is about 3 powerful individuals coming together to save Great Britain from a Martian invasion. The blurb reads thus,


Yes there is an alien invasion, and yes there is lots of shooting going on…in the background. A very character driven story, TRIDENTs focuses on people coming out of their comfort zone to be more. All the main protagonists are not yet revealed but this gives the reader opportunity to be introduced to lesser characters which we form a bond with. Visually embryonic, with tantalizing action set pieces and themes that are both heart strumming and solemn,it’s one heck of a short story mini-series and it’s not even done yet! There are still a couple of episodes leading up to a Christmas day finale.

To catch all the episodes click beneath

The Wattys 2013


Chapter 1-Apocalypse At 7:30pm

Chapter 2-Ares And The War To Come

Chapter 3-Agents Of Trident

Chapter 4-Martian Head Games

Chapter 5-The Martian Armada

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My Art and Self-Publishing Adventure: Chapter 2: I Do Battle Against An Artificial Intelligence


As part of my adventure looking into the world of art and self-publishing I got to meet some very peculiar individuals; a swearing chef with a taste for art, a break dancing fox, a secret society I happen to stumble across which turned out to be a humble writers group, a class of super eager creative writing third year university students, an evil ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which builds websites, an Avengers type group of writers working on a seasonal magazine, New Amazon-a multitude of probably 8 million fan girls and I embark upon a challenging league of writers scribbling to the death…

In this chapter I’ll be chronicling how I did battle with an ‘Artificial Intelligence’, or was it my ‘Intelligent Ignorance’? Probably a paradoxical mix of the two. I’ll also be looking at a crazy app people are using on Twitter to cull non-followers, a brief look at the usability of Yolasite as a website builder and mulling over how nice it was to be a WordPress user…


My Art and Self-Publishing Adventure: Chapter 2: I Do Battle Against An Artificial Intelligence


Some time ago I started a newspaper blog with a friend. We knew we weren’t going to be the next Facebook, it wasn’t that sort of a deal. The vision was to create a blog where quality articles were posted up within an infrastructure that imitated the world of work. It was the next best thing when no newspaper would take you on after fighting hundreds to be in with a chance.

Is that always the case? No. People do get employed but we weren’t taking chances. We wanted experience and we wanted it now. Learning that the world of Print media was being battled by the leviathan of the digital calling, we decided to follow trend and found our newspaper outlet online. It was easily accessible, and we had one over on the university paper which at the time cost a bit to make, and no real online presence to speak of.

So we struck while the iron was hot and set up the cost-effective blog on Word press. Articles were checked between the two of us and before long we had a growing team of ten, when we weren’t handing in course work of course.

All was going according to plan and then one faithful day we lost the login details. This was okay because we could just get a new password. Right? But just like you forget how many times you’ve checked that the front door is locked, I kept changing the passwords and logging them down in various places. Scraps of paper, notebooks and even phones.

The fateful day came when I tried logging into the email to check our emails and reply some urgent messages. Those messages would not be answered for half a year. I checked all the login details on the papers I had hiding in books and on shelves but none were able to unlock that email address. Worse still the blog was having problems and we needed the email. The final straw came when our team shrank. Passwords were reset and we tried again, and this time I entrusted the login details to certain members who updated the blog regularly apart from me.

My blackberry held the last login detail we ever used but with an ever shrinking writing force, the pressures of university and a software system that made changing passwords infuriating, we conceded defeat and packed in the newspaper blog until such a time we could find the log in details that unlocked email address instead of making the software identify us as a virus trying to invade google.

Having been hacked once already, it was important to get security to the highest and install details that were hard to guess. Well this backfired bombastically and had us hitting our head against walls trying to figure out what the password was for the precious blog. We found the details six months later on my unsuspecting Blackberry. Then my phone died.


Either we were absolutely useless at keeping login details secure or there was an artificial intelligence screwing us over at every turn for the fun of it. I concluded it was a mix of the two. Two years had gone by since we had set up the newspaper-blog. It had its fair share of exposure, not posturing to be anything other than an exercise in online journalism. Hilariously, the one thing we learned from it all was that remembering your blooming password was paramount to actually getting any work done at all.

I had set up a website of my own, it was going well. You had a blank canvas to play with, and things you could ‘drag’n drop’ onto the stencil of a website provided. Its user ability was from the school of touch screen, so it was very easy to use. The real technological leap of faith came for me when I tried reinstating a domain that had expired. To spare you the details of me smacking my head against a keyboard in anguish trying to understand computer terminologies, I’ll paste the response of the extremely helpful customer service lady from the website builder.

I hope to be of assistance to you. The reason why you’re unable to pull up your site is because your domain,, expired on 2013-10-09.  While we are able to recover it up to 40 days afterward, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to restore it at the moment.

It will go through a deletion process at the registrar, and then will be offered back up for purchase once it is available. Regardless of where you register your domain, the domain registrar only has a 40 day window in which to retrieve lapsed domains.

This is to protect users who let their domains lapse in error while still keeping the process moving forward to prepare domains for sale again.

Your only option at this stage is to wait for the domain to be released and then repurchase it. To do this, you will first need to unpublish your site by following the steps on this link: How to unpublish your site.

You can check whether your domain is available, and repurchase it, by following these steps: Buying your domain from Yola.

Could you let me know if you received the renewal reminders for this domain? If not, please come back to me so that I can try and investigate why you did not receive them.

Kind regards,


Senior Community Support Specialist



So it turns out there wasn’t much here to be so confused about, I’d just missed my deadline to do anything about it along with a string of email prior warning me about the impending shunt. I seriously need to check my emails more. So not an artificial intelligence per say. Unless of course were counting those really irritating viruses that control people’s emails and twitter and send spam.


While investigating one such tweet I stumbled upon (no pun intended) another social network that writers and artists in particular use to great effect. It is called and can sieve through all the people who follow you and find out who isn’t following you. Instagram users are privy to this ingenious piece of software which has become a need to many who heavily rely on their following being of a particular bust size. Clearly this sort of tech only appeared of recent to piggy back off of our own vanity but perhaps it has a positive application too. Artists and writers can go about growing their following which will ultimately be converted into fans and customers, if they aren’t already. It has a very entrepreneurial application and may become indispensable in the near future if not already.

So the newspaper-blog is back at last after a year out, my website apocalypse has been abated (more or less) and My Blackberry has a new battery and is working at full capacity again. Although the Bluetooth isn’t working anymore, then again who uses Bluetooth anymore anyway? I remember when Bluetooth was cool! Sigh.

 My new phone is an android, which is funny considering I’m completely against technologies that are too smart (cough, thumb print scanning iPhone, cough!) but it’s actually been a nice deviation from feeling like throwing my phone at a brick wall in anguish. I can check my blog with this phone and keep all my emails in check without having to jump on to a huge desktop. Although I still love a good keyboard me. Scratch that, I love a good pen and paper. Nothing beats that ay?

My friend will be making a new pitch as to why I should get an I phone that will solve all my technological discrepancies  no doubt , after reading this yarn but I’m secretly an older man, think Captain America sort of old and you’ll have an idea. His more of an Iron Man, constantly upgrading his gear to bigger and better or smaller it just depends on the gadget. Writers and artists will have to take lessons from both. Retain that old rustic sense of what things should be like, being able to identify the soul in a thing rather than just its ‘efficient functionality’. It’s a quality all writers and artist possess. However, be as apt and tech savvy as your wallet and curiosity will allow you. Technology is currently in an embrace with the art world and writers and artists are able to share their gifts with the world quicker and more efficiently because of it. They are able to work upon their art in a way that was never present before and as a bonus their audience and customers are able to experience it every step of the way through things like social networking which is bridging rifts all the time between art and its appreciators.

This article is also available on my Column

Haven’t read Chapter 1 of this series? Click below

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Want to read something that IS about an Artificial Intelligence? Click below.




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MY ART AND SELF-PUBLISHING ADVENTURE:CHAPTER 1: I interview Amanda Nichols, Author of On The Couch


As part of my adventure looking into the world of art and self-publishing I got to meet some very peculiar individuals; a swearing chef with a taste for art, a break dancing fox, a secret society I happen to stumble across which turned out to be a humble writers group, a class of super eager creative writing third year university students, an evil ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which builds websites, an Avengers type group of writers working on a seasonal magazine, New Amazon-a multitude of probably 8 million fan girls and I embark upon a challenging league of writers scribbling to the death…

Have I piqued your interest? There will be more about my exploits, including the ones I’ve embarked on Wattpad but for the meantime all you need to know is that Amanda Nichols is a bubbly and feisty self-published author on Wattpad who is making tsunamis in the self-publishing seas.

Having managed to prize her away from the posse of fan-dom causing traffic jams on the internet highway, I got to have a lovely chat with her about her art and self-publishing…but mainly her art.

She is the author of ‘On The Couch’


which is hilarious because we aren’t even sitting on one



What got you writing in first place?


I have always been a literary person even as a young child. The first time I really got encouraged or told I had a talent for it was in the 6th grade by my teacher Mrs. Condos. One of our assignments was to write a 3 page story on anything we liked for our ‘English hour’ being that elementary/grammar school didn’t have separate periods for separate subjects. I wrote about my hamster a day in the life of one as if the animal was sentient. She liked the story so much, thought it was so creative and the fact that I was so enthusiastic about writing she encouraged me to continue with it and I haven’t stopped writing since.


Who is you favourite author? Do you have one? (It’s not a sin to not have one)


There are way too many favourite authors of mine but number one is Frank Herbert. I absolutely adore the Dune Saga Series and own all the books physical and digital. There are so many facets to the whole story that I still read them over and over again to try and figure it all out it’s timeless and endless. I can only dream to be as brilliant of an author as he is/was. Ironically enough I don’t write science fiction, but it is my favourite genre to read. I do have a bunch of ideas for the genre though, maybe someday…

Do you have a favourite room in which you write? (I know I do, it’s called nowhere in my house!)


Hahahaha, not really my office is pretty much my living room/couch/coffee-table/desk. I can’t write sitting at a desk or the first draft on a computer, I have to be comfortable. So I lounge on my couch with my notebook (writing by hand with pen and paper is an old habit from when I was younger and there was no such thing as personal computers) on my keyboard and write. I usually have some TV show on I have seen a dozen times for background noise and periodically have to do something taking care of my son when I happen to be writing. The chaotic noise in the background helps me focus oddly enough and music which is usually the opposite for most writers distracts me.



With 262,299 reads, 6,088 votes, and 605 comments how important has Wattpad been to your current level of popularity and what do you see it doing for you in the future?


I couldn’t be more grateful for Wattpad and its format for up and coming authors while it has been annoying and frustrating at times I have never known about any other website or platform like this to put my work out there. Prior to Wattpad no one has ever read a word I have written. So it was quite interesting to see all these strangers from around the world reading my work. I re-read some of my first works and see how far I have come just from continuing with it no matter what and my technique and style being polished as I continue. Wattpad has been a great place for me to develop my talent.

Social networks have been known to harbour trolls, have you ever had the misfortune of encountering such fiends or have you been lucky enough to avoid them hurling insults at your work?


You know those things and type of people are simply inevitable/unavoidable. I have had a few and I completely ignore them. No one is immune to that type of scrutiny and it’s just best to let the flame die out. Fueling the fire is just going to cause you trouble that you don’t need or want. I am quick to anger so yes it takes a lot sometimes to hold my tongue when these trolls pop up but luckily I have been blessed enough with very few of them on my writing.



What’s your advice to budding writers out there who are trying to become better at their craft?


Keep writing and reading! You only get better at something by doing it. I find reading improves your writing just as much with new ideas picking out things you like from other authors and molding it into your style or technique. Do your research, brush up on your grammar and editing (something I need to do), and don’t give up. Being an author seems to be a very critical business and I can’t tell you how many times I have given up here and there and kept coming back. If you really love it no matter what your success is keep doing it.

When you aren’t writing what do you do? (Personally I read comics but we can’t all be geeks)


I read hahaha. Mostly I am probably taking care of or yelling at my son. He is a spitfire like me. I love hockey so I am always watching the sport GO Detroit Red Wings! Or I could be caught playing a video game, being crazy silly on my Facebook, I am not shy so tend to be quite outspoken. I do some arts and crafts like plastic canvas or crocheting, my life is quite boring outside my writing mind being a mother and housewife. I am a huge movie/TV buff so there is always something I am watching on the TV new and old. I am quite a big nerd myself and used to run a guild on a video game called World of Warcraft so no worries on the geek thing hehehe.


Sounds rather cliché but one must ask, what are your inspirations (be as cheesy as you like, this is a cheddar allowed zone)


At the deepest level I am in love with the idea of being in love and a hopeless romantic. YES VERY MUCH CHEDDAR CHEESY THERE! Usually it’s an experience I have had that I would like to indulge or embellish. For instance with ‘On The Couch’, it’s a therapist and patient romance right? Well, I have been in therapy many times and I thought one day over a year ago what if they fell in love? You always hear about all the do’s and don’ts when you are in therapy about the relationship with the therapist so let’s break those rules, I thought (was never much of a rule follower myself). One time a simple picture inspired a whole science fiction idea I haven’t written much of, but there is a ton of notes and a few chapters around here somewhere. Life experience is a huge inspiration for me. I am simple and like to stick to the basics write what you know or love.

What’s the worst review you ever got if any?


I am not too proud to say I get told a lot if anyone even still reads my atrocious vampire series (something I started writing when I first joined Wattpad just to get back into the swing of things) that it is way too much twilight/vampire diaries/true blood etc. I am not afraid to say that it is, but it is not a fan fiction. I leave it up there to remind me of what not to do and that to succeed sometimes a failure is needed. I am just as proud of what I have written that does not work as much as the successes it all makes me who I am today and continue to learn. You gain nothing from constant success you cannot grow and/or improve if you’re already always being told you’re great. But yes my Cailyn Chronicles series has the worst reviews about how it’s too much all of that vampire stuff. Thank god I got over that.


What’s the nicest? (sweetest)


Anytime anyone tells me this is so original, or they have never read anything like this, how unique is this. It really means the world to me (especially after the previous question about comparing my crappy vampire series to twilight) it shows me how far I have come and still can go with my writing. It really is the only dream I have ever had or wanted more than anything is to be an author.

(I’m usually the bad influence amongst my friends and family so to be asked about advice for new budding writers is quite humbling and surreal).

What do you think of self-publishing and where do you see it going in the future?

Honestly I think it’s the wave of the future when it comes to publishing. I would love to traditionally publish but with the influx of technology, such as kindle, Wattpad, nook, etc for digital books it makes it a lot easier for authors to publish on their own and get their name out there and omits the whole process of years of rejection letters. While I still love traditional publishing being from the generation of a fresh leather-bound book I think it’s going to take over print. I have already said that print is dying and it is sad to me but to move on to new era’s change is inevitable and unavoidable (as well as trolls hehe).


The Wattys 2013


You can catch all of ‘On The Couch’ on the link below

As for my journeys through the world of art and self-publishing keep your eyes peeled for my next story.

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How I spent my Day Of The Doctor

untitled44Who isn’t excited about THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR? I’m absolutely bat crazy excited, that’s how excited I am! Lets see, how best to describe just how far I went to celebrate this day…hmm.

I’ll make a handy list that should help.

1) I played the doodle on Google

dr who stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf

I will not lie to you I got very addicted to this game! It really gives the feel that you are travelling through space and time. You have to collect all the different letters that make up Google without getting pegged by Daleks, Cyber-men tricky traps and Weeping angels. The best is actually when you die. Where all other characters I know of come back as the same old same old, you get to come back as the next incarnation of The Doctor! If that’s not an experience I don’t know what is. I seriously want to continue playing this game it was just too much fun. Try beat my high score of you can. the first time I tried it took me an hour, go figure!

2) I watched rather hilarious videos

Everyone is making up noise about the upcoming show and to say the BBC has more fans because of Doctor Who is an understatement. You Americans love Doctor Who, lets not get started on the rest of the world. You really are showing your support, dandy! Watch the video to see what I’m talking about, absolutely hilarious!

Super Cafe: Who’s a Hero

3)I wrote a book for the show…because that’s normal

compled awesssssssssssssssssssssssssome

Don’t judge me! It was late, I was listening to dance music, I had a bunch of sci fi shorts that were short sharp and unconnected so I used a golden thread to sew them altogether and SHAZAM! Dedicated story for Doctor Who’s anniversary. No, but seriously it’s actually a good read, I cleverly tweaked bits and bobs leaving clues and what-nots in other parts of the story so it’s all one big story (its short actually) that make sense as an episodic serial and is a salute to a series that has offered such  escape, entertainment and enlightenment where cliff hangers are concerned. Be a doll and have a peek at your leisure dear friends!

4)I’ve been ‘Regenerating’ the cover of my Facebook

Every few hours I’ve been changing the Facebook cover of my profile. I actually made a status to apologize beforehand because I know stuff like that can really irritate some people but I think today I can safely say its cool to be able to change my cover as many times as I want. I mean how else is the general public going to see every fan made piece of art? some of them are fantastic! I run the risk of flooding Word Press but i’ll showcase three of them below!


So,what is there else to do except get the popcorn ready? Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor’ will be airing worldwide on Nov. 23, 2013. The Day of the Doctor special will be simulcast via live stream in over 75 countries across the world at 7:50 pm GMT! Be ready Ladies and Gents, it’s going to be awesome…I hope.

Book Questions?

The Trees

Have we not inherited the heavy frowns of our fallen fathers

Fostering fruit from a grudge tree we no longer wish to eat from

Finding that the knowledge we’ve gained  therein counts nought to our future if we do not plant a new tree?

Yes, we must remember the roots that steadied the tree in storms that lashed bark off its trunk and stripped fruit from its adorned form.

Now though we must water a new tree with our wealth, wisdom, will and God’s word.

We must bathe it in the radiance of our hopes and achievements.

We must breath words of encouragement, enterprise and evangelism to spur on the growth of a great budding, brilliant generation, pregnant with positive purpose.

A new tree for the next generation, one more equipped to nourish our hungry children who precede us

By K.O.Reuben for Black History Month.

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Roe-vive and Righteous Roe Revving up Regeneration in Roehampton


The phenomenal Gospel choir that is Righteous Roe began 4 years ago inspiring vocal exercise and harmonious melodies. Each year they put on a concert, which always sold out and was always invigorating.
They have returned and have set up shop once more in their anscestral home of Whitelands Chapel. Their return has coincided comfortably with the penultimate episode in the thrilling Roe-vive series.
Roe-vive has played host to poets, rappers, weight lifters, preachers, sports personalities, musicians and a whole lot more. The aim; to relate to people about their human struggle and what they can do to alleviate themselves via Christ Jesus and showcasing people who have been transformed for the better by His saving power.
The event also boasts refreshments because free cake is brilliant. Include free tea and coffee and it’s certified awesome.
So the Gospel choir makes a beeline for Southlands chapel this evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm as Roe-vive gears up once more before the big finale. Don’t miss out, it’s going to be outstanding!